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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Limelight Photography Recognized on an International Level

Michael and I had so much fun representing SMS on the panel today. It was such an adrenaline rush to be able to speak in front of hundreds of our peers. We are excited to share the tools we have used in our business to create financial success with other photography studios.

On a side note - we had NO IDEA they were going to be posting our gross profits - but there they were on the big screen for everyone to see! This did give us a huge boost of confidence in our photography knowing that we are the fastest growing wedding photography company in the country. We are excited to see what new opportunities arise with our sponsors for the rest of 2009.

These are our official speaking badges.


Yay! We found a moment to chat after our presentation with our mentor Ann Monteith. She is an incredibly gifted photographer and business woman. If you have not attended her Guerilla Management Class you have to!!!


These are the buttons we wore while promoting SMS.


Here we are on the panel! (Thank you Bridget for taking these photos!)


Seated next to us were Allison and Jeff Rodgers - they are amazing photographers. This husband wife team specializes in children's photography and have been in business for five years.


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Sarah McDonald said...

You guys look great up there on the panel! So glad you have hooked up with SMS and with Ann Monteith! She's great~ I have been on her email list for the last two years and have wanted to attend her class for a long time! This is the year that I will go for sure! =) Hope you are enjoying your moment in the "Limelight"! =) Can't wait to see what's next!