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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Michael and Rebecca Speaking for Studio Management Services at Imaging USA 2009

We are very excited to be sponsored by Studio Management Services (SMS) for PPA's Imaging USA 2009. SMS has been one the key components in our success. This amazing organization is offered through PPA as as service to help photographers create and manage a successful business plan. We are speaking today at Imaging USA 2009 about how has helped our business so much.

Ann Monteith works together with SMS to create benchmarks that have proven to yield financial stability within photography businesses. If any of you are like me - I just wanted to make pretty images and have NOTHING to do with numbers. But I quickly realized with the help and support of SMS not only could I learn where my numbers were at, but also how to make necessary changes in things such as our pricing and session goals to improve our business. You want to keep a close eye on everything that impacts the financial side of business. After all, finances determine whether or not you can continue in the career you love!

The photos below are taken in the booth. The ladies in orange are our wonderful business consultants Bridget and Beth. We do not make any decisions without checking with Bridget first! Honestly, we could not run our business without the amazing support of SMS.





Sarah McDonald said...

Enjoy every minute and you will both rock your speech! We are all rooting for you here! You are both AMAZING and I am so excited for such a great moment for Limelight! =)

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Thank you Sarah! We appreciate your support:)

Christi Curtis said...

This is so great I am so proud of you both!!! Let us know how it goes!