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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Julie and Dan Are Married at St. John Greek Orthodox Church!

Julie and Dan had a wedding rich in heritage, tradition and culture. Julie prepared for the ceremony at the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel which is reminiscent of a Mediterranean Villa or a Spanish square. Julie and Dan were each transported separately to St. John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church for the ceremony in a classic white 1965 Silver Could III Rolls Royce by Ambassador Limousine.The Greek Orthodox wedding Ceremony consists of two parts: The Betrothal and the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. It is a Christian ceremony.The ceremony includes the traditional exchange of rings and ends with a kiss. It begins with the Priest giving the Bride and Groom lighted candles which they hold throughout the service. The candles can be plain or very ornate, and indicate that Christ, the Light of the World, will light the way of their new life together. The priest places crowns on the bride and grooms heads that are joined with a ribbon. The crowns have several rich symbolisms. They express the creation of a new household, a "kingdom" which they are charged to rule wisely and with full responsibility to each other and to God. The Priest will then lead the couple around the wedding table or altar table three times. He holds the Bible in his hand, reminds the Bride and Groom that the Word of God should lead them through life. The circle represents eternal marriage, for a circle has neither a beginning or and end.

The wedding guests threw rose petals as Julie and Dan exited the church. After the ceremony, I rode in the front seat of the Rolls Royce that drove Julie and Dan to Avila Golf and Country Club for the reception. Avila Golf and Country Club is decorated in a rich, Mediterranean style with a beautiful wooden dance floor complete with an ornate emblem in the center. The tables were completed with candles and a simple centerpiece of white roses and orchids. The DJ Danny DeLeon of Deleon Entertainment had everybody up on the dance floor and of course no Greek wedding is complete without Greek dancing! Traditional Greek music was played by The Islanders band.

Julie and Dan were whisked away at the end of the evening in a white 2009 Phantom Rolls Royce, also provided by Ambassador Limousine. Event was coordinated by Sarah with One Fine Day Wedding and Event Planning.

 photo four_squared_grid_zpsqflp691q.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0002_zpsfgpatti8.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0069_zpsn8xxp3xg.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0104_zpsuid3inva.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0117_zpss4rtplge.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0136_zpsz6ctovmb.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0150_zps1dpcqpdw.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0158_zpsnxrmj8yc.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0164_zps052nl7zq.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0178_zps0mknq3bo.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0242_zpsxc5a4fkb.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0278_zpsjz2ryzic.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0280_zpstuho7jlx.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0324_zpsna3byinj.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0327_zps4x5cgx8a.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0382_zpsa1iowsbh.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0443_zpsg9hacrvx.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0477_zps9xiaqypi.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0472_zpsvyb6uypf.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0478_zpsllkjoszd.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0485_zps1gdqsh7a.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0501_zpsa0ppb41h.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0539_zpskmlbvvkb.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0693_zpsppxaffwl.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0714_zpsju8p2d16.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0775_zpsgfmrjmdy.jpg

 photo 11.14.09JulieDanRZ_0883_zpsohis5rao.jpg

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful wedding, and beautiful photographs. Such lovely details...especially the Rolls Royce!

Julie Hardy said...

I just found this blog. I love theses shots of our wedding! Dan and I couldn't have asked for better photographers than Rebecca and Michael. Great photos were important to us when we were planning our wedding. We searched for the best and we found them in Limelight!