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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ashley and Kristopher are married at the Hilton Tampa Downtown!

Ashely and Kristopher were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Hilton Tampa Downtown! I loved every moment of this wedding! There were so many emotional and beautiful elements to their big day! Kristopher incorporated his military background into the ceremony by saluting each of his groomsmen while they walked down the aisle, and my favorite moment was when Kristopher first saw Ashely coming down the aisle. The emotion on his face was priceless. Best wishes to the happy couple!

 photo ak112120090095_zpssut7ujyj.jpg

 photo ak112120090104_zpshjp4jphv.jpg

 photo ak112120090108_zpsmqcvag8t.jpg

 photo ak112120090111_zpstvhhk9hd.jpg

 photo ak112120090133_zpsh87rabcu.jpg

 photo ak112120090140_zpsguageumd.jpg

 photo ak112120090158_zpsnocbflds.jpg

 photo ak112120090159_zpswf3oghep.jpg

 photo ak112120090188_zpsbxfgqi8z.jpg

 photo ak112120090285_zpsxwhfrqsl.jpg

 photo ak112120090310_zpsiuze2ijs.jpg

 photo ak112120090315_zpsclpmrg8p.jpg

 photo ak112120090444_zpsbevehev4.jpg

 photo ak112120090447_zps58frqdq0.jpg

 photo ak112120090519_zpsqjbf0ts9.jpg

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 photo ak112120090535_zps7f5xpb5t.jpg

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 photo ak112120090601_zpsucp7ce62.jpg

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1 comment:

Rebecca Zoumberos said...

Beautiful and so emotional. The picture of Kristopher crying is priceless!