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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Review on The Knot!

Cheryl and Jason


New Review on The Knot:
***** Ng-Chang Wedding posted 11/20/2011
Limelight is absolutely phenomenal! Our photographers were Rebecca and Michael Zoumberos. Their work is amazing! We could tell right away that Photography is their passion and they proved it over and over with how excited and dedicated they are to making sure they capture every wonderful detail of our wedding...from our accessories to our dual Eastern and Western ceremonies through our reception. We could not be happier with how our photos came out. Quality of Service -- Their photos were very artistic. Beautiful candid photos that captured the emotions of our guests and when they're dancing (we had several photos that actually showed one of my flower girls being swung up in the air by her father while dancing and it was beautiful...really captured the moment and movement without any blurring); Stunning black & white photos that really shows their artistic abilities with beautiful lighting effects. They also took a couple of stunning night pictures at a gazebo....with nice lighting that really lit up the outside landscape creating a breathtaking backdrop to our outside photos. Very surreal. Responsiveness -- We corresponded with Marlia (Reception/Secretary), Michael, and Rebecca. All of them were quick in responding to any of our emails, phone calls and text messages. If we can't reach them on the phone immediately, they usually call back within the day. Same with emails, they respond either that same day or the day right after. Professionalism -- They were very professional. We went out to their studio, which I believe is actually they're home as well. As soon as we got there, Michael was kind enough to give us a tour of their studio. Showing us samples of their work and how they will store our wedding photos in their server room. They have all their different album selections displayed on a shelf and they have canvas photos of their work hanging on their walls. On the day of the wedding, they were very prompt and each of them brought two cameras in case something happened to their 1st camera. Before the wedding, Michael and Rebecca went thru the timeline for that day to make sure everything went smoothly. Value -- Limelight has several pairs of Photographers offering a wide range of prices. They may not be the cheapest photographers out there, but they are worth every penny we paid. Michael and Rebecca were willing to customize our package to our liking and we were very happy with what we got. They went above and beyond what was called for...staying with us all day and well into the night taking pictures of us. Even after the reception was over, they decided to stay longer because they wanted to take advantage of the moonlit night to take a couple of night photos of us outside. Those photos came out beautifully...took our breath away! Flexibility -- Limelight was very flexible with us. We frequently contacted them after work hours and they were always okay with accommodating to our schedule. ~A Very Happy Bride (Ng-Chang Wedding)

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