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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Karen and Tom Featured in the Limelight | Bimini Bay Resort and Marina | Bimini Bay, Bahamas Wedding Photography

Karen and Tom had a beautiful sunrise ceremony at the Infiniti Pool in Bimini Bay on a Wednesday. A sunrise ceremony on the beach on a Wednesday is unique to them because they always spend Wednesdays together. They chose Bimini as the site for their wedding because their favorite vacation together was to the Bahamas and Tom used to fish in Bimini.

Karen and Tom met in 1994 at a high school dance. Tom proposed at home with just the two of them there. They enjoy target shooting, fishing or anything that involves the sand between their toes! Their beachside wedding had a starfish theme.  

DJ ~ Josh Litten 
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ David's Bridal 
Ceremony Site ~ Sakara Beach Club ~ Bimini Bay Resort 
Event Planner ~ Anva Roberts ~ Bimini Bay Resort 
Invitations ~ Suzette Noecker 
Wedding Gown ~ DaVinci Amore Bridal 

1 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0000collage_zps32c34975.jpg

2 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0083_zps349b81db.jpg

3 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0024_zps754453de.jpg

4 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0027_zps5682fd0a.jpg

5 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0107_zps263796a1.jpg

6 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0109_zpseb039b25.jpg

7 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0117_zpsb24302ab.jpg

8 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0067_zpsf00adda1.jpg

9 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0136_zpsd2858ef3.jpg

10 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0150_zps04827a84.jpg

11 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0037_zps8f33d613.jpg

12 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0565_zps111a87d3.jpg

12 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0497_zps89721fa5.jpg

13 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0249_zps0ae6e7aa.jpg

14 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0264_zpsa683e5e4.jpg

15 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0254_zps5270b584.jpg

16 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0379_zpsaf8416bb.jpg

17 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0368_zps04ca2c22.jpg

18 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0375_zpsdd633c7a.jpg

19 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0396_zpsa75c9062.jpg

20 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0511_zps062d0bfe.jpg

21 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0552_zpse13695db.jpg

22 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0544_zpsf524e028.jpg

23 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0586_zps7920facc.jpg

40 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0577_zps712dda81.jpg

24 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0645_zps5bad4831.jpg

25 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0646_zps8741542f.jpg

26 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0627_zpsab82c53b.jpg

27 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0636_zpscdfb7cee.jpg

28 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0596_zps95c7baba.jpg

29 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0599_zps2ac9de17.jpg

32 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0623_zpsf6f9622c.jpg

33 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0622_zpsb9d6e9a1.jpg

34 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0620_zps88b03013.jpg

36 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0606_zpsce5050ec.jpg

37 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0607_zps2c889629.jpg

38 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0615_zps00d1e235.jpg

39 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0655_zps8da0f9ca.jpg

35 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0656_zps056ff086.jpg

30 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0652_zpscd739599.jpg

31 photo 31313KarenTomRZ0650_zps1b74fde7.jpg
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