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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Kathryn and Charlie Step into the Limelight | University of Tampa | Tampa Wedding Photography

Kathryn and Charlie were such a delight to meet and photograph, I am so excited for their wedding day which will be later this year in November at the Tampa Yacht Club.  They wanted to use University of Tampa as the backdrop for their engagement session since Charlie attended the univeristy. 
The love between these two just radiates from them, especially when they look at each other.  Kathryn would be looking serious into the camera and as soon as I would tell her to look at Charlie her face would light up!! These are just a few of my favorites from our session, hope you enjoy!

 photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0060.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0055.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0045.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0062.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0065.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0087.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0082.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0074.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0039.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0036.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0013.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0012.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0005.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0015.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0022.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0034.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0030.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0029.jpg  photo 31213KathrynCharlie110213CC0002.jpg

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