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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Raluca and Ciprian Step into the Limelight | The University of Tampa | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

Raluca and Ciprian have a truly romantic story that spans the globe!  Both natives of Romania, the couple met after moving to America and joining a local community cultural group.  They are so sweet together and had so much fun while I photographed their engagement session!  When I asked Raluca where she wanted to shoot her session she told me that she could see the University of Tampa from her window where she works and thought it would be a nice place for portraits!  I told her it was a great location, especially for night shooting so we took full advantage of that!  She works in the Syke's building (the tall cylinder shaped building) so we made sure to get a few photographs with that part of the skyline in the background!   I am looking forward to their wedding day in October at Avila!

1 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0003_zpsec6171bd.jpg

2 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0009_zpsbb359da6.jpg

3 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0014_zps5f0a54d8.jpg

4 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0017_zps212fde69.jpg

5 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0015_zps147ba99d.jpg

6 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0022_zps5d006a7b.jpg

7 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0030_zpsbb2da8d7.jpg

8 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0038_zpsb1121741.jpg

9 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0045_zps512c85bd.jpg

10 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0055_zps409c562e.jpg

11 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0050_zps2d446800.jpg

12 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0051_zps4c0bcead.jpg

13 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0041_zps6d03b4e6.jpg

14 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0059_zpsfeb8cf54.jpg

15 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0062_zpsc271bf1a.jpg

16 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0069_zps8c383c59.jpg

17 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0073_zps08cdfe85.jpg

18 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0088_zps1d7704a0.jpg

19 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0089_zps451c418d.jpg

20 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0075_zps0685755a.jpg

21 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0077_zps5ef34a9d.jpg

22 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0078_zpsacad13d5.jpg

23 photo 31013RalucaCiprian102613SM0081_zps8278a8e1.jpg

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