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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kristina and Chris Step into the Limelight | Pass-a-Grille Beach | St. Petersburg, FL, Engagement Photography

Kristina and Chris were a wonderful couple to work with for their engagement session!  They braved the cold and wind for their portraits and we were treated to beautiful light and a gorgeous sunset!  Chris is in a band so the couple wanted to incorporate his guitar into a few photos.  Those ended up to be my favorite images of the session!  The couple is planning a September wedding at The Florida Aquarium!

1 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0005_zpsbc576a69.jpg

2 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0006_zps36362f82.jpg

3 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0010_zps1b653eb3.jpg

4 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0026_zps16754b71.jpg

5 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0028_zpsc01a18e8.jpg

6 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0025_zps73ae2d17.jpg

6 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0018_zpsbcee1ce4.jpg

7 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0029_zpse4082241.jpg

8 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0030_zpsbf9d0380.jpg

9 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0042_zps3d43cc6b.jpg

10 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0041_zps7a51644b.jpg

11 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0035_zpsa0077c2c.jpg

12 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0036_zps084b58aa.jpg

13 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0048_zps986685b8.jpg

14 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0045_zpsa99791c3.jpg

15 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0060_zps980d709f.jpg

16 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0068_zpsc5174c25.jpg

17 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0080_zpsf1d320a3.jpg

18 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0084_zps98d65743.jpg

19 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0090_zpseee3dd77.jpg

20 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0088_zpsa913ab93.jpg

21 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0093_zps7f8e2825.jpg

23 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0097_zps41b9202c.jpg

22 photo 32113KristinaChris91413SM0094_zpsadd3da28.jpg

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