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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Feren and Kenten Featured in the Limelight | Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Feren and Kenten, along with their families, traveled from Bermuda for their wedding ceremony and celebration at the Renaissance Tampa International Hotel. The turquoise bridesmaids dresses and the bright pink and yellow flowers really created a feeling of  tropical oasis! The style of the wedding is modern with a little bit of a traditional or romantic twist.

These two high school sweethearts met originally Feren's first year of high school and now consider each other as best friends. Kenten proposed to Feren on the steps of their high school.

Congratulations Feren and Kenten!

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Brides by Demetrios 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Renaissance Tampa International Hotel
Florist ~ Magarita Solomon
Make-up Artist ~ Beauty by La'Zette 
Wedding Gown ~ Brides by Demetrios 
Event Decor ~ Toasted Events

1 photo 01_zps7362dddc.jpg

2 photo 02_zps00ca31f8.jpg

3 photo 03_zpse990f848.jpg

4 photo 04_zps96b6b51b.jpg

5 photo 05_zpsec8ec8d5.jpg

6 photo 06_zps5b392d84.jpg

7 photo 07_zps6e654f97.jpg

8 photo 08_zps4dc0a2f1.jpg

9 photo 09_zpsf0baa030.jpg

10 photo 10_zpsd7e9bffe.jpg

11 photo 11_zpse5aa007d.jpg

12 photo 12_zpsbaaec2ba.jpg

13 photo 13_zpscd9d484d.jpg

14 photo 14_zps2ccea5cd.jpg

15 photo 15_zps1125b1fd.jpg

16 photo 16_zpsbbbe7862.jpg

17 photo 17_zps21cb4702.jpg

18 photo 18_zpsf13ab130.jpg

19 photo 19_zps1318bee1.jpg

20 photo 20_zps709599dd.jpg

21 photo 21_zpse8cc8194.jpg

22 photo 22_zps8a094cbb.jpg

23 photo 23_zpsab0f99ef.jpg

24 photo 24_zps6860d10c.jpg

25 photo 25_zps4256b5e9.jpg

26 photo 26_zps9e0bd0e5.jpg

27 photo 27_zps0d68f216.jpg

28 photo 28_zps55335f31.jpg

29 photo 29_zpsd16bc369.jpg

30 photo 30_zps96695e70.jpg

31 photo 31_zpsa14d63ca.jpg

32 photo 32_zps57123cfd.jpg

33 photo 33_zps9fe00d59.jpg

34 photo 34_zps4f11ddaf.jpg

35 photo 35_zps4ac9464e.jpg

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Kenten Trott (groom( said...

Michael and Rebecca are honestly the best photographers in the world. They captured our wedding in a way that will enable us to live the memory through their photographs forever. I want to express my sincere gratitude to them for their patience, professionalism and creativity in photographing our wedding. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.