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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Raiza and Chris Step into the Limelight | John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art | Sarasota, FL Engagement Photography

Raiza and Chris selected the picturesque Ca D'Zan and Ringling Mansion in Sarasota, FL for their engagement portraits. They are such a fun couple to work with! Beautiful on the inside and out:) I loved all of their fun outfits and especially Chris's neon sneakers were so much fun! I am so looking forward to their wedding in November!

1 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0001_zpsc5eeb6a1.jpg

2 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0003_zps2bcce3bb.jpg

3 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0016_zps06c24709.jpg

4 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0014_zps207669e9.jpg

5 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0010_zpsa4ffa67b.jpg

6 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0022_zps57297a8a.jpg

7 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0019_zpsfaf9ff7e.jpg

8 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0031_zps88695027.jpg

9 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0008_zpsea10e5c0.jpg

12 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0036_zps1f7a219d.jpg

10 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0026_zps61941d4f.jpg

11 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0027_zpsda9575f7.jpg

13 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0044_zps27f51410.jpg

14 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0050_zpsd667daf6.jpg

16 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0055_zpsde3a198b.jpg

15 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0059_zpsde69c089.jpg

16 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0063_zpsb0036242.jpg

17 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0040_zps9b75bbab.jpg

18 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0065_zpsaf30ba47.jpg

19 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0066_zpsb52d08d0.jpg

20 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0074_zpsebc45172.jpg

21 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0085_zpsf5b0b576.jpg

22 photo 32213RaizaChris11213RZ0090_zps813f8cd0.jpg

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Raiza Calderon said...

Oh Rebecca the pictures came out AMAZING and such a fast turnaround time. Chris and I love every single one of them, now the hard part is going to be picking our favorite ones to showcase at the wedding. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!! Thank you so much for making us feel so comfortable that we forgot you were even there. ;-)

Stacy H. said...

Wonderful photos! What a great choice of locations...really beautiful and interesting poses. My favorite is the one where Raiza is kissing Chris' cheek! You both look so happy! Thanks for sharing them with your TEC family...