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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Katie and Nico Featured in the Limelight | Holiday Inn Harbourside | Indian Rocks Beach, FL Wedding Photography

Even a rivalry as deep as the FSU-UF football season couldn't keep Katie and Nico from falling in love. And that's just what happened for these two competitive swimmers! They met through their high school swim team, and even though Katie went on to be a 'Nole, and Nico moved forward as a Gator, they never lost touch. And on a vacation to Siesta Key, Nico couldn't wait any longer, and proposed!

Katie says they not only have swimming in common, but everything about them is exactly alike, and she loves that about her best friend. Their wedding was a memorable location for both of their families, as they had many swim meets here. Details of the wedding hearkened to Nico's Cuban heritage, from the cigars to the Cubaveras that he and his groomsmen wore in the ceremony. Starfish and a light-aqua blue continued the beachy theme, and the tea-length gowns and the bridesmaids' flower bouquet burlap wrappings added a casual, rustic touch.

What set this day apart for Katie and Nico on this beautiful day - besides the amazing sea fog that rolled in - were the personal details and thoughtful touches. Katie personally made her bridesmaids necklaces, and their wedding invitations were also done by hand. Matchboxes were personalized, and simple table settings with orchids, starfish, and candles added romance and ambiance.

Congratulations on a beautiful and delightful wedding celebration, Katie and Nico!

Caterer: Jimmy Guanas
Florist: Randy, BelleAir Flowers
Make-up Artist: Joyce, Salon West
Ceremony Seating : Platinum Plus Rentals
Reception Seating Covers: Elegant Chair Covers by Sandy
Bridal Gown and Bridesmaid's Dresses: David's Bridal

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