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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jacquelyn and Nick Step Into the Limelight | Ybor City | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

After long hard days of studying and working at the UF School of Veterinary Medicine, Jacquelyn and Nick spend their free time with more animals. And that's how Nick proposed: after his first horseback ride with Jacquelyn! These two Gators braved the uncertain weather to meet at Ybor City for some quintessential engagement photos. They will take their vows in November amidst an elegant and classically romantic setting, and I am so excited to be able to welcome them to the Limelight Family! Congratulations, Jacquelyn and Nick!

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0001.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0004.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0008.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0011.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0005.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0016.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0024.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0020.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0029.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0062.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0036.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0056.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0060.jpg photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0066.jpg

 photo 32213JacquiandNick111013HK0041.jpg

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