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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Trisha and Russell Featured in the Limelight | The Ritz Carlton | Sarasota, FL Wedding Photography

Trisha and Russell were married in a beautiful ceremony at The Ritz Carlton Sarasota!  The couple originally planned for a beach ceremony, but due to heavy rain the ceremony was moved to the gorgeous main hotel!  Downpours could not stop this couple's joy and excitement for their wedding day!  Their smiles were truly contagious!  Russell has an adorable son Kyler who was also just as excited for this big day!  

When asked why they loved each other the couple said that Russell loves the fact that Trisha and his son Kyler get a long so well and that she loves him so much.  He also loves that Trisha is outspoken and outgoing.  Trish loves that Russell is a great dad to Kyler and that he treats her so well.  Both love that each other is athletic.  Playing football, baseball, basketball or softball will always be a major part of their life.  Both Trisha and Russell are also extremely family orientated and love spending time with them whether it's having family and friends over for a cook out, watching sports or just chilling out on the lake.  

It was so fun to incorporate their mutual love of baseball and softball so of course we had to do some shots with fun props!   =)  

Congrautlations to the happy couple!  

Caterer ~ The Ritz Carlton 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ The Ritz Carlton 
Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Divas 
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal 

 photo 4412TrishaRussellSM0000collage_zps61a1200b.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0215_zpsa4a98567.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0097_zps7b8cc942.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0604_zps99aad958.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0010_zpse4c42ebf.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0089_zps512bc9bc.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0086_zpsbc3edeec.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0038_zps74d11218.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0126_zpscb57c0bc.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0134_zps441adb2a.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0192_zps0f487470.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0203_zpsfcfbb663.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0420_zpsa6e3bb23.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0219_zps2cab814f.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0249_zps2c6a088c.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0258_zps86f45b93.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0263_zps2d5ef6dd.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0278_zps02aa159c.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0415_zpsb4cdbc36.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0421_zpsfc2040d4.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0429_zps80d7f341.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0445_zpsb65f1fd4.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0457_zps89537191.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0460_zps6545d063.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0451_zps4023e80c.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0470_zps042b17f8.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0473_zpsdd918dce.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0575_zps5b5d3a3f.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0577_zps9f744bcc.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0670_zpse9e2c3a1.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0629_zps355d8d74.jpg
 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0634_zps4d3cb3a8.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0636_zpsf1e6f652.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0644_zps91040e7d.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0642_zpsfe3d3942.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0654_zps10891cb9.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0649_zps4a21f1af.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0661_zpsba91cc8f.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0656_zps2d1cf558.jpg

 photo 4413TrishaRussellSM0735_zps6b115c32.jpg

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