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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Christine and Jonathan Featured in the Limelight | Chinese Christian Alliance Church | Tampa Marriott | Tampa, FL | Tampa Wedding Photography

Christine and Jonathan were a super fun couple to work with. These two were married in a sparkling ceremony at the Chinese Christian Alliance Church and had a beautiful reception at the Tampa Marriott Airport. These two were really the storybook love story, friends their whole life, Christine knew she wanted to one day marry Jonathan. Their love was so sweet and their day so beautiful to be apart of! Congratulations to the newlyweds! :) 

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 photo 42713ChristineJonathanStory.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0265.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0020.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0283.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0030.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0175.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0431.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0462.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0489.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0528.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0603.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0062.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0078.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0082.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0090.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0166.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0174.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0208.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0240.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0301.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0308.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0313.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0327.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0688.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0712.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0764.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0752.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF0787.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF1005.jpg  photo 42713ChristineJonathanAF1105.jpg

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