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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ashley and Darrell Featured in the Limelight | Academy of the Holy Names and The Westin Harbour Island | Tampa, FL, Wedding Photography

Ashley and Darrell were married in a beautiful ceremony in the chapel located at The Academy of the Holy Names on Bayshore in Tampa, FL.  Ashley went to school there when she was a child, so when selecting the church to get married in it was the perfect location.  Ashley and Darrell's wedding day was full of traditional elements and modern touches.  Ashley was stunning in her lace wedding gown and train.  She also chose to wear many heirloom jewelry pieces, including her grandmother's ring.  Even her wedding band setting is a family heirloom.  During the couple's ceremony they included two traditional elements, the arras and the mantilla.  The arras are thirteen gold or silver coins, symbolizing the couple’s promise to one another to share and keep safe their worldly goods and their acceptance of responsibility of the future home.  The mantilla is a lace veil that when wrapped around the bride and groom's shoulders signifies the everlasting unity of the bride and groom.  Ashley and Darrell are joined with the mantilla Ashley’s mother wore on her wedding day.   The couple celebrated along with their friends and family in a elegant and modern reception hosted at The Westin Harbour Island!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Ella's Boutique 
Florist ~ Marilu Coronado 
Invitations ~ C'est Paper Inc. 
Hair Stylist ~ Gina Escarpenter
Make-up Artist ~ Carlos Olivera 
Reception Venue ~ Westin Harbour Island 

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0000collage_zps68c7a31a.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0051_zps0246bc91.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0017_zpsd58803d3.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0107_zpsd2fb432c.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0023_zps19929de0.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0078_zps1b90f3d2.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0074_zpsff888cb3.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0060_zps699108e7.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0059_zps2a75bd56.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0094_zps62c83d92.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0085_zps14f2ec37.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0117_zpscc9e29d0.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0126_zps1783982d.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0130_zps52eeb57b.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0141_zps98d55896.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0156_zps63ce7e5e.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0161_zps1a0073f1.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0164_zps48b658a9.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0167_zpsc22757cd.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0178_zps80e8bea1.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0187_zps3923b616.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0190_zps5b10afe6.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0201_zps40558ef7.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0175_zps374c3327.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0231_zpsc7f14c8f.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0278_zpsd0449ad9.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0280_zps93ddadee.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0285_zps89256952.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0363_zps29733132.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0522_zps9e858824.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0608_zpse149a54b.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0604_zpsf4efbe5c.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0609_zpsf95864c2.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0618_zpsd8863db0.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0625_zpsb05884a2.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0633_zps92a04cf7.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0639_zpsad77f821.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0649_zps0808fe24.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0709_zpsbddd7f53.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0736_zps67bcef42.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0773_zps67f4d6a0.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0821_zps4706b499.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0823_zpse1363735.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0824_zps4be3945c.jpg

 photo 42613AshleyDarrellSM0923_zps99a2969f.jpg

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