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Friday, May 17, 2013

Dana and Benjamin Featured in the Limelight | Sandpearl Resort | Clearwater Beach, FL, Wedding Photography

Dana and Benjamin met when they were only 12 years old swimming at a neighborhood pool where we both were with other friends. Benjamin proposed while they were out to dinner and drinks with some friends. Benjamin had the DJ play one of their songs and then proposed!They are best friends, laugh together nonstop and have fun no mater what they are doing. They bring out the best in each other.

Dana and Benjamin enjoy the beach, working out, being outdoors and taking their dogs to the park. Since they both love the beach they selected The Sandpearl Resort for their wedding. The venue was the favorite part of their wedding.

It was an absolutely beautiful evening for Dana and Benjamin’s wedding at The Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater Beach.  Dana looked stunning as she was escorted by her father across the gulf lawn to join Benjamin under their wedding arch.  There, as the sun set behind them and in front of their family and friends, the couple shared their vows, exchanged rings, and were pronounced husband and wife by Rev. Rick Lackore of Sensational Ceremonies.

 Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Nichols!

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ David's Bridal 
Event Planner ~ One Fine Day 
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Sandpearl Resort 
Videographer ~ Tampa Wonderworks 
Wedding Gown ~ Demetrios Bridal 

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0000collage_zpse70dd7bd.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0115_zpsad8cdfaf.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0101_zps4bb125d1.jpg

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 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0053_zps9245a28b.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0061_zps2966d1f0.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0062_zps8711f7c7.jpg

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 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0157_zps73b7543a.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0169_zps8bee9dae.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0100_zps4be9441c.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0107_zps9609455f.jpg

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 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0120_zps293ac8ce.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0210_zps2bfbe1b7.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0223_zps1cb05716.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0217_zpsb54a22c8.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0231_zps2fdf3513.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0227_zps79d71f9c.jpg

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 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0237_zps4aebfccf.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0238_zps518ebde6.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0241_zps25900917.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0243_zps0223d7b2.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0254_zpsa691903f.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0472_zpsaef94e51.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0398_zps76381bea.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0506_zpse58a0993.jpg

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 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0351_zpsd7cf20cb.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0352_zps012387b8.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0355_zpsadea4082.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0383_zpsd78bbc49.jpg

 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0412_zpsc52fa5d4.jpg

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 photo 5413DanaBenjaminRZ0514_zps189050f4.jpg

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