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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Aditi and Michael Featured in the Limelight | Kapok Special Events Center | Clearwater, FL Wedding Photography

A marriage is always an event that merges two families, but for Aditi and Michael, it was an opportunity to demonstrate their merging cultures. During the ceremony, Aditi and her ladies wore absolutely stunning saris to represent her Indian heritage, while Michael and his groomsmen represented his Jamaican culture with a traditional white suit. They toasted their past, present, and future separately from a shared crystal goblet; honored their mothers with a rose ceremony; and even chose to have the engagement ring play a part in the ceremony, placing it on Aditi's finger as the guardian of the wedding band. For the reception, Aditi opted to change from her sari into a traditional white gown, and Michael dressed in the traditional Indian groom attire. Taking so many conscious, extra steps signified their cognizance and respect for each other's family and heritage, and made this evening amidst the romantic Kapok gardens unique and special for this lovely couple. Congratulations, Aditi and Michael!

Reception Site and Caterer: Kapok Special Events Center and Gardens
Wedding Planner: Weddings by Suda

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