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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cheyenna and Paul Featured in the Limelight | St. Lawrence Catholic Church | Embassy Suites Downtown | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

This day could not have been any more perfect for Cheyenna and Paul. A perfectly beautiful Saturday morning in late June began the wedding celebrations, that continued to their ceremony among friends and family in the beautiful Saint Lawrence Catholic Church in Tampa. Typical afternoon Florida thunderstorms gathered and threatened to rain out our private afternoon session during the reception, but this genuinely sweet couple braved the looming danger - and were rewarded not with rain but instead storm clouds in the distance over downtown Tampa behind them. To a wonderfully gentle couple who truly sees the best in each other: Congratulations, Cheyenna and Paul!

Reception Venue: Embassy Suites
Wedding Gown:  Emalina's
Bridesmaids' Dresses: David's Bridal
Caterer: Embassy Suites
Florist: Geoffrey's
Hair Stylist: Loren at Paris Salon
Make-up Artist: Jessica at Paris Salon
Invitations: The Write Stuff

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0012.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0026.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0003.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0018.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0019.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0011.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0103.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0081.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0087.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0125.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0150.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0005.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0013.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0038.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0050.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0098.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0107.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK1003.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0165.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0172.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0461.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0362.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0668.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0678.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0685.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0708.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0719.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0718.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0765.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0741.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0731.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK1192.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK1006.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK1178.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK1169.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0966.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0969.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0986.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0975.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0980.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0997.jpg

 photo 62213CheyennaPaulHK0988.jpg

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