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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Natasha and Zachary Featured in the Limelight | Lange Farm | Dade City, FL Wedding Photography

Natasha and Zachary met in their first week at college at High Point University in North Carolina and became great friends.  They soon realized that they were both from Florida and shared a mutual love of their home state's natural beauty.  They also discovered that they shared the same values of family, hard work and healthy living.  It wasn't long until these two became a couple and after dating throughout college Zachary proposed at the vacation home of Natasha's family on Captiva Island.  When planning their wedding the couple wanted to incorporate all that they loved about Florida and The Lange Farm was the perfect location!  The venue truly highlights Florida's natural beauty with it's sprawling oak trees lined with spanish moss and it's scenic country views.  The couple also incorporated elements to honor Florida's citrus history by including oranges and limes in their flower centerpieces and overall color theme.  Family is so important to the couple so it was essential that the evening was casual and comfortable for their guests.  Every element was designed to create a relaxing environment, from the Hungry Harry's BBQ dinner to the cake made out of Publix donuts!  Natasha was stunning in her simple and elegant Jessica McClintock wedding gown, and Zachary's seersucker suit with orange bow-tie completed the overall theme.  It seemed that the weather also wanted it's own feature on the couple's big day!  The morning started out with beautiful sunshine and then as the heat of the summer day built so did the afternoon thunderstorms.  The dark clouds were brewing during the outdoor ceremony and even though we heard several rumbles of thunder there was not a drop on their guests!  While photographing the bride and groom session we did experience a very light rain but that did not stop this amazing couple from wanting to take pictures!  =)   I love that a few of the rain drops are visible in some of our shots!  The gray clouds continued through the reception, but we were hopeful for a slight peek of sun for a sunset session and did Florida ever deliver!  We were graced with a gorgeous sunset that produced it's own natural orange glow that matched the couple's wedding theme perfectly!  Natasha and Zachary were wonderful to work with and are such genuine people that it was a pleasure to capture their wedding day memories!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Tommy Bahama
Cake ~ Publix  
Ceremony and Reception Site ~ Lange Farm
Event Planner ~ Lesa ~ Lange Farm 
Florist ~ Pam ~ Lange Farm 
Wedding Gown ~ Jessica McClintock

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0000collage_zps7ba5e9d2.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0001_zpsc03f5834.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0103_zpsbe891513.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0063_zpsf3710415.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0075_zpsffd79b02.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0036_zpse8d8fb15.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0676_zps66afc889.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0108_zps37611d0a.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0141_zps056973a7.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0470_zpsbd423a54.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0462_zps307ac181.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0466_zps4c4d0887.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0208_zps171dbdf2.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0316_zpsb47453ee.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0442_zpsbb8fbbb7.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0246_zps5fecdcfa.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0252_zpse499a6f5.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0308_zpsdf565b78.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0318_zpsd45579dd.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0330_zpsf628da27.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0337_zpsadb2e673.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0369_zpsa3b6597a.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0401_zps5b81e97c.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0408_zps2a9b668e.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0458_zps9a86f835.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0454_zps9c7767a9.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0170_zpse303751c.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0481_zpsd89316ee.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0485_zpsb255f6a0.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0486_zpsbade4953.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0489_zpsafeb9e68.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0500_zps33c4d79d.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0510_zpsf87e1c26.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0508_zps94c3799b.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0514_zps98184732.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0532_zpse0a1606d.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0557_zps1d9433bb.jpg

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 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0680_zpsbfa5ffc3.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0570_zpsf99c2ff9.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0611_zps44fd7676.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0627_zpsebf87cb4.jpg

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 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0814_zpsc4dac6c3.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0850_zpsa3c6bd5b.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0859_zps24a0f4f8.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0857_zpsb6552a7c.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0861_zps5994ad2a.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0870_zps0cea0636.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0873_zpsa8fe5e28.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0876_zps8617adc8.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0880_zps85f70c09.jpg

 photo 61513NatashaZacharySM0888_zps01757d78.jpg

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