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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Jessica and Matthew Featured in the Limelight | Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach, FL | Clearwater Wedding Photography

Jessica and Matthew are such a loving and sweet couple.  They said their vows on a terrace looking out over the ocean, it was a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony.  I am so happy that I was able to capture  their wonderful wedding day.

 photo 61413JessicaMatthew_0000collage.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0014.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0113.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0217.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0219.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0225.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0250.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0334.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0337.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0346.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0350.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0352.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0365.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0369.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0381.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0383.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0402.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0404.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0473.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0483.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0515.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0574.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0585.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0591.jpg
 photo 61413JessicaMatthewCC0596.jpg

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