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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amy and Jeff Featured in the Limelight | Jackson's and Westin Harbour Island | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Amy was just the perfect girl for such a wild and rowdy college wrestler like Jeff. In fact, all of his friends knew it when they saw how he acted every time he was around her! Fun-loving, and light-hearted, this down-to-earth couple had an amazing wedding day despite the threat of rain - even to the point of playing a prank on the best man (the maid of honor was in on it!), and smashing cake not into each other's faces, but that of one of the groomsmen! Congratulations, Amy and Jeff - may your life together be filled with laughs like these every day!

Reception Site and Caterer : Jackson's
Ceremony Site : Westin Harbour Island

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0286.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0285.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0294.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0297.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0279.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0003.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0022.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0034.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0037.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0045.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0048.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0069.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0080.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0092.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0097.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0121.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0122.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0289.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0303.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0309.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0311.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0883.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0327.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0336.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0295.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0386.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0562.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0654.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0671.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0698.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0844.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0848.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0855.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0856.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0860.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0864.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0862.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0870.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0866.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0868.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0873.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0875.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0876.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0882.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK1116.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0872.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK1117.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK1123.jpg

 photo 61513AmyJeffHK0878.jpg

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