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Monday, June 24, 2013

Maria and Arthur Step Into the Limelight | Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park | SkyPoint | Tampa, FL | Tampa Engagement Photography

He thought she knew - but it was a complete shock to her! Dinner at her favorite restaurant turned into a proposal that Arthur was sure Maria expected. But the surprise proposal was met with a "Yes" and these two avid travelers began making plans immediately for their big day. After three scheduled sessions that were delayed due to community events, weather, and travel delays, our persistence paid off with being granted special access to SkyPoint Condominiums with an amazing sunset! Congratulations, Maria and Arthur, and I am so excited to join you on your special day in February 2014!

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0030.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0012.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0004.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0022.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0015.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0026.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0033.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0017.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0005.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0064.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0036.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0039.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0040.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0048.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0050.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0058.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0072.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0077.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0082.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0087.jpg

 photo 61313MariaArthur2114HK0094.jpg

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