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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cala and Tyler Featured in the Limelight | The Lightner Museum and Casa Monica Hotel | St. Augustine, FL Wedding Photography

Cala and Tyler were married in a beautiful ceremony at the Lightner Museum and celebrated with friends and family at the Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine, FL.  The couple flew in from Texas to get married at the same spot that Tyler proposed ~ on the bridge in the courtyard of the Lightner Museum.  It is an absolutely gorgeous place to get married and could not be more picturesque.   The couple met in 2007 while both serving in the Army.  They happened to be in the same language training program and the rest they say is history!  It was almost too perfect that there was a very large American flag hanging from the front of their ceremony site so we made sure to get a few pictures with it in the background!   A very sweet moment was that the groom brought along his "Teddy" which was a gift from his great grandmother when he was a boy that has gone every where with him, even overseas while on deployment!  It has become a good luck charm for Tyler so Teddy made an appearance on his wedding day!   I was so impressed during their reception when Cala strapped on a red pair of heels, pinned up a few red flowers in her hair and the newlyweds did a Tango for their first dance!  It was a hit!  Congratulations to the happy couple!  

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ David's Bridal 
Cake ~ Publix 
Ceremony Site ~ Lightner Museum 
Hair Stylist ~ Studio Luxe 
Reception Venue ~ Casa Monica Hotel  
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal 

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0000collage_zpscf6517ab.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0186_zps0f48b261.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0200_zpsfb0309c7.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0218_zpsc62b933f.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0007_zps173338a1.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0019_zps2e295590.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0069_zps9a17f558.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0026_zps16c840b7.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0018_zps32df056a.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0035_zps638b1ea8.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0091_zps432f2b40.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0103_zps439d2823.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0134_zps4edba612.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0138_zpsfb1f4b1e.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0151_zps6671f7f6.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0654_zps628897af.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0171_zps5b110954.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0188_zps0d4d52df.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0003_zps7c6635c3.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0261_zps68aa7a38.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0284_zps84e9c497.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0294_zpse18362d8.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0297_zpsf2cc1112.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0307_zps2a409ca2.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0314_zps2e45ca40.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0342_zps64747a91.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0360_zps987d672f.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0322_zpsba8bd395.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0374_zpsbf19b15f.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0457_zps253f0fc4.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0459_zps52065adf.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0466_zpsf3919b6b.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0467_zps036bdffb.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0468_zpse95682f4.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0470_zps209290bf.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0472_zps450985ec.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0500_zpsb7104290.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0506_zpse788e74a.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0507_zps5e6dcc50.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0513_zps50479344.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0516_zpsa36b169c.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0520_zps2b3232a7.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0522_zps89168bb8.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0639_zps2242288d.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0635_zps5f5c8ec8.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0527_zps2ad5cc78.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0532_zps52f83017.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0591_zps719c23db.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0650_zpsddb5e301.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0870_zps7b6295e4.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0872_zps78ca598f.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0875_zpsae26ca26.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0876_zps9fe17ed0.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0884_zps243247d0.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0877_zpsb1025f12.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0886_zps2b69e2ef.jpg

 photo 52513CalaTylerSM0894_zpse197839f.jpg

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Unknown said...

Sarah - You did an AMAZING job photographing Cala and Tyler. It didn't hurt that you had a gorgeous couple and a fantastic background but your eye and your skill is incredible. Thank you SO MUCH!

(Bride's Mom)