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Friday, June 7, 2013

Melissa and Yorgo Featured in the Limelight | St. Marks Greek Orthodox Church | Marriott Delray | Boca Raton & Delray Beach Wedding Photography

Melissa and Yorgo had an awesome Greek Fiesta to celebrate their wedding day. Friends and family traveled to Boca Raton where they got married in a beautiful ceremony at St. Marks Greek Orthodox church. After the ceremony guests then went over to the Marriott on Delray Beach and celebrated late into the night! Congratulations to Melissa and Yorgo! And welcome home :)

 photo 52513YorgoMelissaStory.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0095.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0102.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0111.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0138.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0315.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0328.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0473.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0536.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0538.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0539.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0542.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0567.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0585.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0586.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0599.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0641.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0710.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0713.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0720.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0785.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0789.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0813.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0850.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0899.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF0947.jpg  photo 52513YorgoMelissaAF1158.jpg
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YRP Events said...

Looks like a fairytale wedding! Just beautiful.