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Friday, June 7, 2013

Kennedy and Jared Featured in the Limelight | Frenchman's Reserve, Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Palm Beach Gardens Photography

Frenchman's Reserve offered a Beautiful backdrop for Kennedy and Jared's ceremony and reception.  With rich colors of gold and amber and ornate fixtures throughout the venue, it was a perfect compliment to the style and colors of their wedding. 
Congratulations Kennedy and Jared!

Some of the vendors that helped to make this wedding perfect:
Bridesmaids dresses: Demetrios Bridal (Designer: Eden)
Ceremony & Reception site: Frenchman's Reserve Country Club
Event Planner: Tiffany Campbell-McGrew
Florist: A Red Rose
Wedding Gown: Kleinfeld's Bridal Salon (Designer: Lazaro)

 photo 52513KennedyJared_0000Collage.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0042.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0059.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0097.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0131.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0162.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0180.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0216.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0221.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0248.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0265.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0267.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0380.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0382.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0406.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0407.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0439.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0441.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0444.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0488.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0489.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0529.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0545.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0556.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0568.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0629.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0636.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0726.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0745.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0751.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0758.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0759.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0770.jpg
 photo 52513KennedyJared_CC0773.jpg

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