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Friday, June 7, 2013

Melissa and Yorgo's Rehearsal Dinner | Old Calypso Restaurant and Bar | Delray Beach | Delray Beach Wedding Photography

On this beautiful Memorial Day weekend, Melissa and Yorgo came back to Melissa's home town to say their "I Do's". But the night before, they gathered with their families and closest friends for a fun evening at the Old Calypso Restaurant and Bar to share in lots of love and laughter with excellent food to begin the celebration!

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0007.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0003.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0001.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0011.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0092.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0039.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0056.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0022.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0021.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0096.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0054.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0089.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0093.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0094.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0099.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0091.jpg

 photo 52413ZoumberosRehearsalDinnerHK0103.jpg

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