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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brittany and Alex Featured in the Limelight | Gulf Drive Cafe | Anna Maria Island, FL Wedding Photography

For Brittany and Alex, this was a long day in the making. These two have known each other ever since the second grade; and according to their families, they had a crush on each other then! Although not willing to admit it at the time, they finally gave in to each other during high school and were nothing short of inseparable. After a beautiful proposal at the World's Fair Pavilion in St. Louis, these two began tackling the details of their wedding together, hand-crafting invitations, reserving a trolley for their bridal party, and making sure this day was perfectly suited to just the two of them. Soft and slightly rustic burlap and delicate white lace combined with soft pinks and muted blues and greens to create a palette that was perfect for their beach wedding. The gentlemen's casual khaki colors and trendy suspenders lent a casual touch that was juxtaposed by the ladies' more elegant dresses. Brittany's gown of all-over lace was sophisticated and gave an air of days gone by. A truly romantic touch was their first dance - instead of being under the tiki, they chose to have it out on the sandy cliff overlooking the ocean. Many of their family and friends joined them from out of state to celebrate the day, and everyone from Ohio to Missouri to Florida and everyone in between enjoyed witnessing the vows and promises between the newlyweds on such a gorgeous and sunny day. Congratulations, Brittany and Alex! May your future be just as bright and beautiful as your ceremony and celebration!

Ceremony Site ~ Gulf Drive Cafe
Caterer ~ Gulf Drive Cafe
Florist ~ Jyl Strand
Bridesmaids' Dresses ~ Brides and Beyond
Band/DJ ~ Dan Williams
Hair Stylist ~ Salon Peridia
Invitations ~ Hand-crafted by the bride, Brittany!

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0002.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0114.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0119.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0010.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0182.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0200.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0270.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0192.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0279.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0291.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0433.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0602.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0609.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0615.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0629.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0635.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0637.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0666.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0671.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0680.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0681.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0911.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0943.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0967.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0969.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK0976.jpg

 photo 72713BrittanyAlexHK1027.jpg

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