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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ellesse and Justin Step Into The Limelight | University of Tampa | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

Ellesse and Justin knew each other in high school. They became friends during that time but went their separate ways after graduation. Years later, they met up again through mutual friends and struck up a beautiful relationship.  Justin asked Ellisse to marry him and in June 2014 the couple will say their I do's. They were such an awesome, fun-loving couple to work with! They had a gorgeous 1920's style, that I absolutely loved!  I could tell immediately the two were so in love and ready to take the next step forward in their relationship! Congrats to newly engaged couple!
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0004_zps21347e1e.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0009_zpsb31cd93c.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0015_zpsd1d70a6d.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0017_zps79acac0c.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0026_zpsfc9915c1.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0033_zps7d5cefbf.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0042_zps40d0b4f4.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0044_zps0332b3e9.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0053_zps524e5db8.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0064_zps44b6ed3d.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0068_zps6df015e6.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0074_zps42a52a47.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0076_zps4e98dec6.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0086_zps3b5b2f41.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0088_zps81ac242d.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0091_zpsc1fc516e.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0095_zpsd881f329.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0099_zps60eb2dcd.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0106_zps085012c2.jpg 
 photo 7272013ellissejustin62014jo0114_zps0e9869ea.jpg
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