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Friday, September 27, 2013

Dottie and Danny Step Into the Limelight | Safety Harbor Resort and Spa | Safety Harbor, FL Engagement Photography

What an exciting day for this fun and happy-go-lucky couple! Family and friends gathered from far and wide to celebrate Dottie and Danny's engagement. In fact, Dottie's family was so excited to celebrate, they flew all the way from their native home of Hungary! With handcrafted details created by friends and family members, this was a special time for Dottie and Danny to reconnect with all their loved ones before they say their "I Do's" in February! Congratulations, Dottie and Danny!

Venue and Caterer: Safety Harbor Resort and Spa

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0006.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0250.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0076.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0092.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0025.jpg
 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0034.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0029.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0031.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0480.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0441.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0391.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0367.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0257.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0207.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0134.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0117.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0210.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0541-2.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0543.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0033.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0517-2.jpg

 photo 92113DottieandDannyHK0522.jpg

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