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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kristina and Chris Featured in the Limelight | The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Kristina and Chris are an amazing couple and it was a pleasure to work with them on their beautiful wedding day!  The newlyweds were married in a gorgeous ceremony at The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, FL.  Every detail was meticulously selected for this special day and I was in love with all the brilliant colors in this wedding!  Kristina's favorite color is blue and Chris' is green so there was no question what the wedding colors would be and where the couple would say "I DO!"  The Florida Aquarium was always the couple's first choice for their wedding venue!  The location provides a stunning and unique backdrop for their romantic ceremony and outdoor reception.  The blues and greens in the couple's attire and flower choices matched the marine colors of the aquarium perfectly.  I adored the peacock feather accents that donned the bridesmaid's hair and the reception centerpieces.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!

I absolutely love the story of how this couple met and fell in love that I just had to share it!  

"We first met in 2005 while both of us were attending Auburn University. Out of pure coincidence, we began working together (twice!) at Loco's Bar & Grill--Chris as a delivery driver and Kristina as a bartender/server. After graduating from Auburn, we remained friends, despite losing contact every now and then. Deciding that it was time to take a little break from the stresses of law school, Kristina decided to take a mini-vacation to the beach, and on September 16, 2011 (after having not seen each other in years), Kristina visited Chris in Florida. Once that weekend was over, neither one of us could believe how much we already missed each other. So the day after Kristina flew back to Alabama, Chris called her and asked if he could fly her down to Florida again the next month, and she said yes.  After nearly 7 years of friendship, we finally got our timing right... And we have been together ever since. :) "

Ceremony and Reception Venue ~ The Florida Aquarium
Caterer ~ Aramark ~ The Florida Aquarium
Stationary ~ The Cotton Gin 
Wedding Gown ~ Maggie Sottero
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Bill Levkoff
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~ Michele Renee 

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0000collage_zps7b3383d4.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0028_zpsdbdd88c5.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0012_zpsbb2afa9b.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0004_zps969d4af5.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0035_zps93c778e3.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0059_zpsc44f3a91.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0154_zps2cf9e853.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0138_zps6fdd8206.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0126_zps6a0a40da.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0155_zpsd6b1a368.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0157_zpsc5150811.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0173_zpsedfe3fa9.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0180_zps34f7f07b.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0250_zpsb6b56751.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0255_zps2d6d5f38.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0293_zps54011656.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0317_zpsf96f538a.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0329_zpsb70c3aca.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0325_zpsf4eff9f8.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0332_zps26bbd22d.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0339_zps3189927d.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0347_zps28cfe1d2.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0345_zpsa3ea236c.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0409_zps85106763.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0401_zps0bc0853a.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0416_zps1f9bec8a.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0417_zps853d85f7.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0424_zps1de92a35.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0458_zpscfa63658.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0528_zps5a0ee1e1.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0497_zpsfb01a9ab.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0508_zpsbf369f1d.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0719_zps715343b1.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0720_zps7484663d.jpg

 photo 91413KristinaChrisSM0722_zps768d903b.jpg

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