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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Birchwood - Moroccan Wedding Featured In The Limelight | St. Petersburg, FL | Limelight Photography

Our Bride and Groom are the epitome of a couple in love.  Robert is dashing in a black Brooks Brothers suit and bowtie, while Marlee stuns in an off the runway Reem Acra "Whirlwind Romance" drop waist ballgown. The top is french alencon lace with a tulle skirt done with hand sewn ribbon covered horsehair. Marlee carried a hand tied bouquet of colorful cala lilies while Robert wore a single white cala lily boutonniere. 

Our Groomsmen look handsome in Brooks Brothers suits and purple and moss ties.  The Bridesmaids are beautiful in moss and wine cocktail length dresses from designers at Bella Bridesmaids. The bridesmaid dresses are silk taffeta with a combo of designers: Alvina Valenta and Monique Lhuillier.  The Bridesmaids carried a colorful bouquet with a gorgeous array of bright blooms, while the groomsmen wore a single plum cala lily boutonniere.

Our design team chose to accentuate the colors and design of the Birchwood Inn by setting the tables with stunning floral elements and luscious linens.  The Birchwood Inn is unique in its décor that incorporates modern, industrial, vintage and elegant elements throughout the property.    In designing the reception room, we were inspired by these elements as well as the natural beauty of the banyan trees.

Robert and Marlee both grew up in the Palm Harbor/Dunedin area. Marlee’s older brother and Robert played basketball for the YMCA on opposing teams. It wasn't until Marlee was 14 years old that her brother and Robert became friends. Then eventually when they were hanging out at the house, Marlee got to know him. Although they were not interested in dating, they became great friends! More than a year later, they decided that they would like to date...And the rest is history! Marlee and Robert are high school sweethearts and best friends. “Our road to love has not always been easy, but we chose to grow together rather than grow apart,” Marlee said.

Robert proposed to Marlee at Bon Appetite on October 27, 2006. They got married on April 5, 2008 at the Rusty Pelican. After a stillbirth of their daughter Brooke on June 13, 2009, and two miscarriages, they are now blessed with two beautiful sons, Lukas, age 3 and Austin, 10 months.

Marlee and Robert loved getting to participate in this wedding day recreation because their fifth wedding anniversary was this year. Marlee said, “It was a fun and special way to celebrate their love and each other. The stresses and worries of everyday life were put aside for one day while we played dress up and spent quality time just having fun and loving each other! Thanks again for allowing us to enjoy this amazing experience!”

Bride and Groom: Marlee & Robert Bachee
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid
Bridesmaids: Lauren Grove, Tara Knauss-Wilga, Adel Travis, Stefany Andrea 
     Floral: CONCEPTBAIT 
     Groomsmen: Lorenzo Edwards, Austin Richardson, J Edwards, Ben Daniels/Eddie 
Hair and Makeup: Destiny and Light
     Linens: Wildflower Linens
     Menswear: Brooks Brothers
     Models: Let’s Make it Extraordinary 
     Photography: Limelight Photography 
Planning: Très Chic Southern Weddings
Stationary: Dragonfly Custom Design
Tableware: Dishie Rentals/Courtney
Venue: Birchwood Inn
Wedding Gown: Malindy Elene

 photo 0029_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ000STORYBOARD_zps33976523.jpg
 photo 0030_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0244_zpsa4816db2.jpg
 photo 0031_82113BirchwoodAF0009_zpse808d1d0.jpg
 photo 0032_82113BirchwoodAF0018_zps5439a449.jpg
 photo 0033_82113BirchwoodAF0025_zps0dc6c7cf.jpg
 photo 0034_82113BirchwoodAF0016_zps4b158081.jpg
 photo 0035_82113BirchwoodAF0053_zpse60a0847.jpg
 photo 0036_82113BirchwoodAF0063_zps0c2e9a95.jpg
 photo 0037_82113BirchwoodAF0046_zps66f405c9.jpg
 photo 0038_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0268_zpsa6d2910c.jpg
 photo 0039_82113BirchwoodAF0092_zps3fddf6de.jpg
 photo 0040_82113BirchwoodAF0108_zps38203854.jpg
 photo 0041_82113BirchwoodAF0115_zpsa6e44452.jpg
 photo 0042_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0209_zpsb238994c.jpg
 photo 0043_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0201_zpsa9a4e12b.jpg
 photo 0044_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0195_zpse57b4dbb.jpg
 photo 0045_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ000FLOWERS_zpsfa203066.jpg
 photo 0046_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0192_zps28958b6a.jpg
 photo 0047_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0125_zpsbaa686d1.jpg
 photo 0048_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0283_zps6b917a64.jpg
 photo 0049_82113BirchwoodMODELS2_zpsc77039e4.jpg
 photo 0050_82113BirchwoodAF0069_zpscee4aac8.jpg
 photo 0051_82113BirchwoodAF0073_zpsd1867636.jpg
 photo 0052_82113BirchwoodAF0081_zpsa5e646e1.jpg
 photo 0053_82113BirchwoodAF0087_zps2c406fbb.jpg
 photo 0054_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0234_zps800fb8c0.jpg
 photo 0055_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0248_zpse4bde145.jpg
 photo 0056_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0237_zps9898758a.jpg
 photo 0057_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0242_zps7913137b.jpg
 photo 0058_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0252_zpsdb5a5a61.jpg
 photo 0059_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0270_zps020877eb.jpg

Round Table 1:
The table features a satin moss lily pad linen topped with bright tropical blooms in a Birchwood container.  The table is set with crystal bead chargers under white patterned plates, vintage silverware and moss green goblets.  The plates are topped off with napkins styled into lotus flowers tied off with beading and twisted rope.  The table number and place cards are designed with texture in mind with fine fabrics of silk, satin and wood.    The Birchwood’s ballroom chairs are styled with plum chair covers decorated with big flowers and willowing fabric streams.

Round Table 2:
The table features layered linens with a moss silk shantung covered by a punched suede layer tied with twisted moss rope.  Moss placemats create texture under the patterned white dishes, vintage silverware and moss green goblets.  A stunning arrangement takes the cake on this table with varying heights and textures including natural elements and bright, unique blooms.  The menus are created with silk, satin and wood.  The table is finished with moss chair covers to enhance the texture and natural modern style.

Guest Welcome and Sign-in:
The Birchwood Inn features two hedge walls and ConceptBAIT created a gorgeous installation with bright tropical blooms as the first glimpse of the beauty to come at our couple’s reception. Inspired by the Pont Des Arts bridge in Paris, our guest sign-in incorporates locks and a wish for love.  The guests are asked to pick a lock and write their initials on the lock.  They will then lock it on the sconce hanging on the hedge wall.  They are then asked to place the keys into a cubbyhole representing the wish they have for the couple.  The wish could be success, love, health, happiness, wealth.

Invitation -
A light chartreuse green raw dupioni silk base panel with a brown twig layer, fuchsia dupioni silk layer and slate grey metallic cardstock layer frame the invitation content panel. The invitation was printed on a cotton blend letterpress paper. The design utilizes modern typography, geometric pattern, complimenting colors and a succulent illustration.
The belting was made out of 2 types of ribbon: a semi-sheer fuchsia beneath a 1.5" thick slate grey satin.
The invitation lies in a cotton box lined with bright green reindeer moss.

The menus, place cards, favors and escort cards were all constructed to compliment each other as well as the invitation. The same design motif and typography was used throughout the suite, creating a unified look from start to finish.

Menus -
A fuchsia dupioni silk base with a slate grey satin belting holds a brown twig layer, light chartreuse green dupioni layer and slate grey metallic cardstock layer framing the content panel. The panel is printed on a cotton blend letterpress paper.

Escort cards-
Fuchsia raw dupioni silk covered card bases with a slate grey satin ribbon belting, followed by chartreuse green and slate grey metallic cardstock layers and the printed layer. The escort cards stand on their own for display purposes due to a built in stand at the back of each card.

Table number-
This piece most closely resemble the invitation
A light chartreuse green raw dupioni silk base panel with a fuchsia dupioni silk layer, followed by a brown twig layer and a slate grey metallic cardstock layer frame the number panel. The number is spelled out for a modern approach and utilizes the same design motif and typography as the rest of the suite. The number stands on its own due to a built in stand at the back.
The belting was made out of 2 types of ribbon: a semi-sheer fuchsia beneath a 1.5" thick slate grey satin.

Place Cards/ Favors-
Miniature terrariums were made using various succulent plants. Colored spanish and reindeer mosses, as well as pieces of birchwood bark, were used in the bases to add texture and compliment the color scheme.
Miniature flags bearing each couple's name were tied to the lids using white twine.

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