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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Birchwood - Vintage Wedding Featured In The Limelight | St. Petersburg, FL | Limelight Photography

Our couple Jessica and Zachary showcased their love with by keeping the day elegant and timeless.  Zachary is handsome in a Brooks Brothers black suit and tie, while Jessica is gorgeous in a Cristiano Lucci  "Hayden" ball gown.  The top is heavily beaded Swarovski crystal top with silk tulle skirt.  Jessica’s lush white bouquet is accented with bright greenery.  She kept her hair in classic waves accessorized with a beautiful rhinestone belt.

Jessica and Zachary explored the property and unique elements of the Birchwood Inn including vintage décor in a modern setting.  They also discovered the surrounding area includes Banyan trees planted nearly 100 years ago.  Their true love radiates in every captured moment. Jessica tells her and Zachary's love story in her own words:

"Once upon a time there was a backwoods trapper and a fairytale princess. They met in the secretive tunnels at the happiest place on earth. The trappers sparkling smile caught the princess’s attention and she couldn’t help but smile back.
This was the start of Jessica’s real life fairytale. Jessica worked at Walt Disney World and Zack is a USDA wildlife federal employee and was contracted through the government to look after the Magic Kingdom. This was perfect fit for him because under the huntsman look, he is a handsome prince.
The princess ran off with her fairytale friends to a beautiful birthday adventure and thought of the handsome trapper the whole time she was gone. The trapper searched for the princess and knew the exact date she will be arriving back to the tunnels. He devised a plan to win her heart by presenting her with a banana caramel muffin. The princess was enchanted with this gift.  While gazing into his eyes, she took a small bite.  It was a magical moment and the trapper knew then his plan had worked. Soon after the prince asked the princess for her hand in marriage.
Jessica went a cruise to celebrate her birthday with friends.  Zachary did find her in the tunnels the day she returned, giving her the edible gift. Jessica was shocked and surprised the trapper thought about her as much as she thought about him the week she was away. She saw the true sweetness of Zachary and was immediately not only attracted to his appearance but his warm heart. From that point on the relationship grew very strong and very quick. Both knew they were the one and only for each other. Zachary purposed shortly after on a beautiful beach with candles, rose petals and champagne. Jessica felt like a real life princess.
An enchanted ball was needed to celebrate the union of the princess and trapper. The princess and her queen started to plan her extravagant ceremony to wed the one she loves. The princess wanted her ball unforgettable. She had a fairy godmother to help pick out the lovely ball gown and choose an elegant ball room and lovely church to make her dream wedding come true.
Jessica and her mother quickly got started preparing for their perfect day. They planned everything to a tee with no room for error. Jessica said yes to a dress and from there everything was falling into place, the venue, church, décor. Zachary and Jessica felt very blessed to have family who supports their dream. The queen double and triple checked with all vendors to make this night truly a fairytale for her princess. From lovely flowers and a room filled with candles, their wedding was nothing short of a romantic ball.  Their fairytale dream quickly became a reality and they lived happily ever after.
Now Jessica and Zachary are expecting their very own prince or princess to celebrate their fairytale and love along with their first wedding anniversary!
Getting another opportunity to live this fairytale all over again by dressing up like a beautiful princess and handsome prince just put the cherry on top the cake. Zachary and Jessica felt honored and blessed to have another fairytale moment. Limelight made them relive their special day and treated them like a real prince and princess.
                                    Thank you so much, Zachary and Jessica Bowling."
     Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid
Hair and Makeup: Destiny and Light
Menswear: Brooks Brothers
Photography: Limelight Photography
Planning: Très Chic Southern Weddings
Venue: Birchwood Inn
Wedding Gown: Malindy Elene

 photo 0001_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0000STORYBOARD_zpsdec2b48b.jpg  photo 002b_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0089_zps459a7299.jpg  photo 0009_82113BirchwoodAF0008_JO_zps283b8966.jpg  photo 0008_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0018_zpsf6ff4ee7.jpg  photo 0004_82113BirchwoodAF0022_JO_zps57ff90e3.jpg  photo 0005_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0021_zpsc6cabe78.jpg  photo 0007_82113BirchwoodAF0023_JO_zps4506ba00.jpg  photo 0010_82113BirchwoodAF0027_JO_zps098d4d62.jpg  photo 0011_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0034_zpse6eaf1da.jpg  photo 0013_IMG_1576bc_zps30525af8.jpg  photo 0012_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0037_zpsa92150b8.jpg  photo 0006_82113BirchwoodAF0058_JO_zps10562427.jpg  photo 0003_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0044_zpsc1f4145f.jpg  photo 0014_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0049_zpsb5df443b.jpg  photo 0015_82113BirchwoodAF0070_JO_zpsfbd292ed.jpg  photo 0016_82113BirchwoodAF0075_JO_zps8c95ed4f.jpg  photo 0018_82113BirchwoodAF0081_JO_zps1c7010c0.jpg  photo 0017_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0055_zps704558e3.jpg  photo 0019_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0061_zps414dfd9e.jpg  photo 0020_82113BirchwoodAF0107_JO_zps118e3469.jpg  photo 0021_82113BirchwoodAF0143_JO_zpsde30797f.jpg  photo 0023_82113BirchwoodAF0153_JO_zpsaaecb454.jpg  photo 0028_82113BirchwoodAF0160_JO_zps24c836f7.jpg  photo 0025_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0074_zps1cb6d02b.jpg  photo 0026_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0075_zpsd8869d0a.jpg  photo 0024_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0082_zpsc4d8ad82.jpg  photo 0027_82113BirchwoodTresChicRZ0087_zps2248623d.jpg  photo 0022_82113BirchwoodAF0166_JO_zpsca614a7a.jpg

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