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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Angela and Adrian Step into the Limelight | Ybor City and The Columbia Restaurant | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

Angela and Adrian are a sweet and beautiful couple that were wonderful to work with for their engagement session!  We met in Ybor City at the Columbia Restaurant and I absolutely loved the Spanish accents that the location provides!   We spent the morning searching through the restaurant for great spaces and then found a few great spaces outside as well!  I can't wait to work with this couple again for their November wedding at the Davis Island Garden Club!

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0011_zpscad1c13c.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0014_zpsbfd2db52.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0009_zps0bd82f07.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0015_zpsee63d5a2.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0020_zpscd229bee.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0024_zps36452e66.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0030_zps98ce8155.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0032_zps55899f78.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0033_zpsb0347de4.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0037_zps33fb9e66.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0040_zps4b7e01fe.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0044_zpsd07abe64.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0045_zps5309736d.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0050_zps5ec3b3ef.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0055_zps420101dc.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0056_zpsa6622e51.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0060_zps159e6ef7.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0065_zpsa955ae68.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0069_zps8ad7628a.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0071_zps82032c1a.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0073_zpsf7fe0072.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0075_zpsd59a0a26.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0081_zps152032c9.jpg

 photo 101313AngelaAdrian111513SM0083_zpse9216494.jpg

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Anna Rodriguez said...

AWESOME!! I love this pictures? It look more romantic and good memories... Send me the picture. Hugs and kisses😊

Maria Garcia said...

Wow really so beautiful all the pics sooooo prefect couple and I am so happy to both of you get married and God bless both of you Amen ily Maria Garcia