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Monday, October 28, 2013

Chasidy and Marcus Featured in the Limelight | 1930 Grande Room | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Chasidy and Marcus were married on a beautiful day in October with gorgeous temperatures and lovely autumn inspired colors!  This wonderful couple is so sweet together and share a true and genuine love that was so apparent when I first met them.  They were an absolute joy to photograph as their love truly  shines through!   Chasidy was a stunning bride and her smile can definitely light up a room!  The bride also has a beautiful daughter, Cheyenne, who was absolutely adorable as the flower girl!  The couple said "I DO" in a truly inspiring and spiritual ceremony and then celebrated with their friends and family at 1930 Grande Room in Ybor City.   Ybor provided some great spaces and backdrops for photographs and I love the feeling of this couple's wedding day!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!

DJ ~ Claudel 
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ David's Bridal 
Caterer ~ Stonechef's
Ceremony Site ~ 1930 Grande Room 
Event Planner ~ Shondalyn Spain ~ Mother of the Bride 
Hair Stylist ~ Michelle Brown 
Reception Venue ~ 1930 Grande Room
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal 
 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0000collage_zpsab439104.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0433_zps3ee206a3.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0568_zps1dfbaada.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0037_zps42ae184b.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0016_zpsc9101d4f.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0057_zpsf870b4d0.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0100_zps2d12f983.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0086_zpse65995af.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0140_zpse6ef794d.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0152_zps4242a5a4.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0170_zps732e234c.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0166_zps554fddaf.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0020_zps36a61ba7.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0095_zps66630c4e.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0148_zpsdaac8dfe.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0272_zps3dea7ef3.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0304_zps4524c4e9.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0380_zps9a50c532.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0382_zpsa1c51851.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0390_zps7645c72e.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0403_zpse5a1af34.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0418_zpsa71979e7.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0416_zps26bf03cc.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0415_zps2bddba89.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0419_zps6f205029.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0421_zps9d54d03b.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0422_zpsafd6984e.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0426_zps853de349.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0427_zpsf723f50f.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0406_zps9d31db55.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0595_zpsca72d1e2.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0441_zps7da721a3.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0563_zps9e360a69.jpg

  photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0448_zps70dce73a.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0521_zpse481399a.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0524_zps4aa4a2f6.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0575_zps5cad128e.jpg

 photo 101313ChasidyMarcusSM0590_zpsd1857154.jpg

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