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Monday, October 28, 2013

Lindsay and Perri Featured in the Limelight | Chihuly Museum | Museum of Fine Arts | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

For Lindsay and Perri, their wedding day was truly a trip down memory lane. They chose the Chihuly museum as their ceremony venue not only because its modern flair fits their style, but also because it was their fifth date! They met on a popular dating website, and started planning their new life together after Perri surprised Lindsay by popping out of the balcony for a surprise proposal. Every detail of their wedding was unique to them, and involved their families in some special way. Perri's family is from New Orleans, so the cake - which was made entirely of petit fours - was ordered from New Orleans, while the menu had special items that paid homage to his heritage. Lindsay's aunt hand-made her dress, and included special touches of monogrammed embroidery - and that was Lindsay's 'something blue'. Her dad arranged to have a very special beer and cider brewed just for Lindsay and Perri's wedding day, and a longtime friend of Lindsay's performed the ceremony with custom vows; but I think the most absolutely touching detail was Lindsay's handkerchief.

The story goes that the handkerchief was given to Lindsay's grandmother by a lady whose fiancee never came home from World War II. Her grandmother carried it with her on her wedding day, and with Lindsay's mother was married, the handkerchief was passed on to her; and then on to Lindsay for her wedding day. She also carried it with her during the ceremony, attached to her bouquet. and it never left her side throughout the day.

From the first look, to the incredibly fun get-away by boat, this truly was Lindsay and Perri's day. Congratulations!

Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Alfred Sung
Cake ~ Petit Fours from New Orleans
Caterer ~ Olympia Catering
Florist ~ Carter's Florist
Make-up Artist ~ Anna Wileman
Event Planner ~ Cindy Heeter, family friend
Wedding Gown ~ Arlene Boles, aunt
Guitarist ~ Matthew Baker, family

 photo 102013LindsayPerriHK0000collage.jpg

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