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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Annita and Phil Featured in the Limelight | St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and A La Carte Event Pavilion | Tarpon Springs, FL and Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Annita and Phil were an absolute pleasure to work with on their wedding day!  The couple was married in a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church in Tarpon Springs, FL and celebrated with their friends and family at the A La Carte Event Pavilion in Tampa, FL.  The day was full of traditional elements and modern touches as the couple wanted to honor their heritage as well as celebrate in a sophisticated and elegant reception.  Stephanie from Table 6 Productions and Alexis from A La Carte Pavilion did an amazing job putting together this spectacular event!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  
Ceremony Site ~ St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox  
Caterer ~ A La Carte 
Chiavari Chairs ~ A La Carte 
Event Planner ~ Table 6 Productions ~ Stephanie Crona 
Florist ~ FH Weddings 
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~ Artemis Stephens 
Hotel Accommodations ~ Innisbrook 
Lighting ~ A La Carte 
Linens ~ A La Carte 
Music ~ Arista Entertainment 
Reception Venue ~ A La Carte
Transportation ~ Jolly Trolly 

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0000collage_zps602104ac.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0103_zps09e26ef6.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0039_zpsce71283f.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0157_zps9765491d.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0038_zpsa32ce86c.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0648_zps22a73b12.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0221_zpsb6e62ef6.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0282_zps3526a455.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0167_zpsf8786f76.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0166_zpsf0a631ab.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0821_zpsa2a56f72.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0286_zpsfaf5ef64.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0348_zpsa50150c1.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0351_zpsbc38ec41.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0490_zpsb4a1eb5e.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0428_zps46366ade.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0459_zps95415247.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0506_zps8e9e198b.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0591_zps5ff979c5.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0594_zps7fd91912.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0600_zpsa0cb8563.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0660_zps2f0a1d10.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0663_zpsd736b2a3.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0665_zps99413abd.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0682_zpsb8919ad3.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0680_zps0300ac26.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0681_zps098d68c8.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0686_zpsaeed2268.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0638_zps30f389d0.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0626_zps4fa5a47e.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0608_zpsad37cfde.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0892_zps4e2fd061.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0887_zps7c9b028b.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0740_zps57d4ac89.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0765_zps90353960.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0770_zpsfd7cb847.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0775_zps68e443b7.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM0959_zps6a0ad7f2.jpg

 photo 92813AnnitaPhilSM1041_zpsbff8d518.jpg

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