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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nicole and Todd Step into the Limelight | Curtis Hixon Park | Tampa, FL Engagement Photography

Nicole and Todd are an amazing and fun couple and I had blast working with them for their engagement session at Curtis Hixon Park in downtown Tampa!  This is a great location to photograph an engagement session as there are several points of interest right in the park including great views of the University of Tampa, the Tampa Art Museum, the city skyline and an interactive water fountain feature.  After a few reschedules due to a rainy September we were finally able to shoot on the most gorgeous day!  My favorite spot in the park was a patch of tall grass hidden all the way back by the water and we happened upon it at a moment where the light was absolutely beautiful!  I am so excited to work with this couple again for their March wedding!

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0008_zps0b67639b.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0013_zpsc9718eeb.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0014_zpsb929fdfc.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0019_zpsad865024.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0022_zps4999a54b.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0030_zpsab1ef7d3.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0038_zps09d0b085.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0036_zpsd62b9a3d.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0040_zps240ffa9e.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0048_zpsd0b3ec5b.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0042_zpsdcc7ab7a.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0060_zps68dc80ba.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0063_zpsd6a063c2.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0072_zpsfc1b8292.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0070_zps0e92e006.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0054_zpsfaacc159.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0057_zps2d82d8d0.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0074_zps36b232d3.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0076_zps837effea.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0079_zps8dcd93df.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0082_zps0e6bb0e3.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0087_zpsbaaeffa3.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0096_zps11b88146.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0111_zps832d6ca4.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0113_zpsc7c1435f.jpg

 photo 10213NicoleTodd32214SM0106_zps98ec4e26.jpg

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