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Friday, October 11, 2013

Gabrielle and David Featured in the Limelight | Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Gabrielle and David are such a fun couple! They share so many interests and have such a similar personality, it seems they truly are halves of the same whole. The ocean theme of their wedding was super exciting to them, because they had the unique opportunity to say their vows in front of a shark! The colors Gabrielle selected for the wedding matched the aquarium perfectly, and the sand-castle cake was absolutely adorable! With hand-crafted details like a message in a bottle so guests could leave the newlyweds personalized well-wishes, to little jars filled with goldfish and topped with a personalized bride-and-groom penguin label, Gabrielle and David made sure every last touch was fun and personal to their relationship. Congratulations, Gabrielle and David!

Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal
Bridesmaid's Dresses ~ David's Bridal
Cake ~ Jilly Cakes
Ceremony & Reception Site ~ Florida Aquarium
Caterer ~ Florida Aquarium
Florist ~ Miss Daisy's
Make-up Artist ~ Friend, Bridesmaid AnnMarie Benigno

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHKcollage0000.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0022.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0095.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0005.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0028.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0003.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0049.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0103.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0029.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0124.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0128.jpg

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 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0407.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0305.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0474.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0479.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0529.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0601.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0603.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0634.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0811.jpg

 photo 10513GabrielleDavidHK0812.jpg

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