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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jennifer and John Featured in the Limelight | The Don Vicente de Ybor Historic Inn | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Jennifer and John were married in a in intimate ceremony and reception at The Don Vicente de Ybor Historic Inn in Tampa, FL.  The couple met when Jen's bridesmaid Jessie was in the ROTC program with John at The University of Tampa.  Jessie thought that Jen and John would be perfect for each other and orchestrated the couple's first meeting.  The couple's first date was at Disney world and one year later that is where John decided to propose to Jenn after a romantic dinner in Cinderella's Castle during the fireworks.  The fairytale continued as the couple said their vows among their closest friends and family on a beautiful Florida evening.  Their wedding day also served as a celebration for John's homecoming as this was the first time he saw his family after returning from serving in Afghanistan.  It was very meaningful to me to be able to capture such an important occasion for the couple and their families!  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ David's Bridal 
Ceremony and Reception Venue ~ The Don Vicente 
Event Planner ~ Special Moments ~ Tammy Waterman
Florist ~ Publix Greenwise
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~ Destiny and Light 
Videographer ~ Jack Tinker 
Wedding Gown ~ Olga's Bridal 

 photo 92113JenniferJohnSM0000collage_zpsd810fcb4.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0001_zps7db80418.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0026_zpscf1c01ec.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0072_zpsd3430ac2.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0016_zpseec97ab0.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0108_zpsfcb74e3b.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0078_zps07f00846.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0036_zpsa29af049.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0095_zpscafa8ddf.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0083_zps936f5897.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0045_zps71bbdc1f.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0052_zps74ef8f62.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0066_zps563c0ae2.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0089_zps0203aaf1.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0126_zps5067e02e.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0141_zpsb9fabb31.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0173_zps52613c53.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0174_zps08acab89.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0185_zpsa8c218dd.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0221_zpsff64726d.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0226_zpsdfe5e6df.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0249_zps2a13f650.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0386_zps48749fb9.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0411_zpsd21bf8ff.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0393_zpsf5b2c4ad.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0408_zpsedf91735.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0417_zpsec90075e.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0423_zps4ea333c5.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0424_zpscf26b9cf.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0430_zpsc4a2cdb7.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0433_zps4a112750.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0439_zps610f904c.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0553_zpse4273d78.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0682_zpsb3bb5bcd.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0681_zps2f795954.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0636_zps0e6c7ca1.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0643_zps7a39042d.jpg

 photo 92713JenniferJohnSM0642_zpse22ce2bb.jpg

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