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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Julie and Joel Step Into the Limelight | Downtown Dunedin, FL | Dunedin Engagement Photography

I had so much fun walking around beautiful downtown Dunedin with Julie and Joel and their cute dog Josie.  They were so easy to photograph, their love for each other is so apparent when they look at each other!  I am so excited to be photographing their wedding next May at The Postcard Inn in St. Pete.

 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_00051.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_00171.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0018.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0020.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0029.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0032.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0035.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0040.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0047.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0053.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0059.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0061.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0065.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0069.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0078.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0079.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0081.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0086.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0090.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0093.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0096.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0103.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0109.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0112.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0113.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0119.jpg
 photo 101613JulieJoel51614CC_0120.jpg

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