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Friday, November 1, 2013

Heather and Jeremy Featured in the Limelight | Vinoy Renaissance Resort | St. Petersburg, FL | St. Pete Wedding Photography

Heather and Jeremy were such a great couple to work with, Heather was so relaxed, beautiful and easy to photograph.  They were married at a church right next door to the 
Vinoy, their ceremony was beautiful with an amazing reception to follow in the grand ballroom of the Vinoy.  We went to the pool deck later that evening to photograph Heather and Jeremy with fireworks as the backdrop.  Congratulations to this wonderful couple!!

Videographer ~ Voila Cinematic
Lighting, Flowers and Set Up ~ QuickCare Events 
Reception ~ Vinoy resort

 photo 101913HeatherJeremy_0000collage.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0038.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0049.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0058.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0069.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0090.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0100.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0126.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0131.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0147.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0177.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0231.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0275.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0281.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0351.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0375.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0456.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0458.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0470.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0473.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0477.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0482.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0485.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0489.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0566.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0568.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0636.jpg
 photo 101913HeatherJeremyCC_0653.jpg

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