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Monday, November 11, 2013

Charel and Jamaal Featured in the Limelight | Don Cesar | St. Petersburg Wedding Photography

Charel and Jamaal have known each other for quite some time - but it took nine years after college for them to reunite into what would lead up to a proposal. At Channelside one evening, Jamaal set up a personal serenade for his bride-to-be, and the promise was sealed by the water. These two die-hard Roll Tide fans also said their vows by the water on the sands of the beautiful Don Cesar's private beach. Charel's daughter was a special bridesmaid, and Charel and Jamaal's son was the cutest ring bearer ever! It was a true celebration of two families becoming one, and family and friends gathered from far-off states to be able to share in this special day. Details such as a University of Alabama themed cake, a butterfly release honoring their Grandparents, a heart-stirring impromptu speech honoring by Charel's daughter her dad, and Charel, Jamaal and their children all sealed their commitment together as a family by jumping the broom at the very end of the wedding ceremony. These two are such a delightful and fun-loving couple - Jamaal has always been in love with Charel since the day he met her, and, in Charel's words: "I love him, because he loved her first". Congratulations to the entire Palmer family on such a beautiful day!

Ceremony and Reception ~ Don Cesar
Caterer ~ Don Cesar
Florist ~ Cheers Events
Hair Stylist ~ M Salon One
Make-up Artist ~ Tanya Clark
Wedding Gown ~ Emalina's Bridal

 photo 11313CharelJamaalHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 11313CharelJamaalHK0001.jpg

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 photo 11313CharelJamaalHK0241.jpg

 photo 11313CharelJamaalHK0591.jpg

 photo 11313CharelJamaalHK0251.jpg

 photo 11313CharelJamaalHK0261.jpg

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