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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Rebecca and Justin Featured in the Limelight | PostCard Inn on the Beach | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Rebecca and Justin are such a down to earth, fun loving couple. With personal touches like an angel pin and a family cross, even those family members who could not be present physically were with them in spirit while they made their forever promises. A regal color theme of deep purple provided an elegant balance to the easy-going burlap accents and backdrop of The PostCard Inn, all which set the tone for this sophisticated and lively, happy-go-lucky duo. Congratulations, Rebecca and Justin!

Ceremony and Reception ~ PostCard Inn
Videographer ~ Movie Magic Production

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0078.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0254.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0007.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0025.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0591.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0052.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0071.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0159.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0104.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0123.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0112.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0149.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0181.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0499.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0271.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0483.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0354.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0252.jpg photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0247.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0248.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0766.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0585.jpg photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0588.jpg photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0778.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0770.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0773.jpg

 photo 11213RebeccaJustinHK0775.jpg

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