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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cherlin and Bill Featured in the Limelight | Private Residence | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Cherlin and Bill's Proposal is one of a kind... when asked how he proposed Cherlin told me he sang four songs to her, the last one being "Delia" by Johnny Cash in which he changed the words to propose to her.  How sweet is this?  You  can really see the love and adoration when these two look into each others eyes.  
 They met in 2012 and started off 2014 with a beautiful wedding in a candlelit backyard garden while the sun was setting all around them....the ambiance was comfortable and romantic with lanterns hanging in the trees and the cake and tables set up around a beautiful pool.  The groom's parents were kind enough to open up their home to have the guests come and witness and celebrate this beautiful union.
Congratulations Cherlin and Bill, Thank you for choosing Limelight to capture your wedding day!

Others that helped make this day possible:

Band ~ Nathan Hagar
Bridesmaids Dresses ~ Nordstroms
Cake ~ Kim Yelvin
Caterer ~ A La Carte
Ceremony Site ~ Private Residence
Event Planner ~ A La Carte
Hair Stylist  and Make-up ~ Michele Renee
Videographer ~ Viola Cinematic
Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique, Alvina Velenta

 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0000collage_zpsbbed5b39.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0017_zps097ffef2.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0073_zps3e4a7482.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0091_zps2e80d649.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0092_zps7d502bf6.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0103_zps53dc161e.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0108_zps94530d3e.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0139_zpsda9ceee0.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0195_zps6daa673c.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0199_zpsa87558c2.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0203_zps9cd0ceb5.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0206_zps47574f53.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0208_zps8d4a3859.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0213_zps10738b69.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0214_zps4177ced0.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0227_zps5c7465b4.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0228_zpsef88f86c.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0267_zps616cdb5c.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0270_zpsfdb41406.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0284_zps61a63833.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0319_zpsfb36e374.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0323_zps29a19f6c.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0329_zps0f0aeda8.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0375_zpsc770969d.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0380_zpsd8538a03.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0389_zpsdf95a044.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0390_zps99f699fe.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0424_zpsbaf66179.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0468_zpsd63ddfcb.jpg
 photo 11814CherlinBillCC0595_zpsc3a6a811.jpg

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