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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Yvette and Jimmy Featured in the Limelight | St. Mary's Our Lady of Grace and The Museum of Fine Arts | St. Petersburg, FL Wedding Photography

Yvette and Jimmy traveled to the St. Petersburg area from Virginia for a beautiful destination wedding!   The couple has lived in several states throughout their lives and wanted to incorporate a new location to create amazing wedding day memories for their friends and family!  They had visited the Tampa / St. Pete area area several times over the past few years and really loved it!  Since their families are spread so far around the country brining everyone together in a location that the bride and groom love was the theme of this gorgeous day!  The couple selected a few of St. Petersburg's most beautiful locations for their wedding weekend!  Along with many of their friends and family, the newlyweds stayed and got ready for their big day at the Renaissance Vinoy, said their vows in a traditional ceremony at St. Mary's our Lady of Grace, and celebrated in a modern reception at the Museum of Fine Arts.  Congratulations to the newlyweds!  

Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Jenny Yoo
Event Planner ~ Your Event Today 
Florist ~ Redman Steele
Hair and Make-up Artist ~ Jess Waldrop 
Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Divas 
Reception Venue ~ Museum of Fine Arts 
Videography ~ Randall Productions 
Wedding Gown ~ Peter Langner

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0000collage_zps103b13dd.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0056_zpsc5b7acae.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0006_zps079b6e82.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0034_zps83d34d34.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0037_zpsf44fb8aa.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0038_zpsa394553e.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0062_zpsde0df7a9.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0078_zps2fc33de4.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0104_zpsad76e490.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0463_zpsa6c9a463.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0244_zps119fbd09.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0061_zps74f5396f.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0134_zps28788220.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0137_zps918a179c.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0148_zps80730737.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0152_zpsb233b414.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0157_zps44328b0f.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0240_zps4671ca5f.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0278_zps7ab66f2a.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0376_zps3919b10a.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0673_zps197cac6f.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0410_zpsb4aca2dc.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0412_zpsa3eccb38.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0425_zps799d3d54.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0431_zpsa046b51d.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0435_zpsdc71f8be.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0439_zpsd96aaaa1.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0441_zps3a332324.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0448_zps47a448e7.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0447_zps5d079d4d.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0452_zpsa3242ed2.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0455_zps7ed0db1d.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0461_zps975d87c0.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0458_zps2d0e754a.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0465_zps2d5e7c27.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0473_zps544ba1d9.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0472_zps8ee28fae.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0499_zpsd11ee0c2.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0553_zps940b56e7.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0554_zpscb69919e.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0557_zpsffc398eb.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0560_zpsc2e29a61.jpg

 photo 11114YvetteJimmySM_0644_zps203a56c9.jpg

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