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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jennifer and John Featured in the Limelight | Floridan Palace Hotel | Tampa, FL Wedding Photography

Jennifer and John are an amazing and sweet couple that were such a pleasure to work with on their beautiful wedding day!  The newlyweds said their vows in a traditional ceremony at St. John's Greek Orthodox Church and celebrated with their friends and family in an elegant reception at The Floridan Palace Hotel in downtown Tampa, FL.  The venue is a sophisticated and historic hotel that has been fully restored to it's original 1920's grandeur.  Jennifer wanted to create a wedding day that combined the history of her family and the history of Tampa.  Her family helped found St. John's Church and her grandmother stayed at the Floridan Palace on her wedding night.  Every detail was meticulously selected and the beautiful tones of ivory and gold were perfectly matched to the gorgeous decor of the hotel.  Congratulations to the newlyweds! 

DJ ~ Grant Hemond ~ Doug
Bridesmaid Dresses ~ Olga's Boutique 
Event Planner ~ Kim Baker 
Hair and Make-up Stylist ~ Artemis Stephens
Invitations ~ Wedding Paper Divas 
Reception Venue ~ Floridan Palace Hotel 
 Wedding Gown ~ CC's Boutique

 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0000collage_zpsb59695c2.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0001_zps9f47ede1.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0051_zpsfd276ad1.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0027_zpse5954467.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0115_zps128b485f.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0019_zps83a5faba.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0122_zps713e5c8e.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0031_zps8bcd6b06.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0057_zpsa3f9f329.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0049_zpsc54d3fd7.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0109_zpsc92b70d8.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0137_zps8dffe391.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0180_zps16eeb3d2.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0181_zps84b46dfb.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0148_zps132c9860.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0368_zps2c33ebb1.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0226_zpse28fea5b.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0240_zpse6a17022.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0273_zps179671f5.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0371_zps2704d3bc.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0396_zpsbc138fc0.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0400_zps332b0f09.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0408_zpsdcbd41cc.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0410_zps828591e4.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0417_zpsfe8bab64.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0381_zpsa77c40d5.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0383_zps749e438f.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0437_zpsed6a4aad.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0440_zps9faa7113.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0480_zpsbd62f70e.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0576_zps94c2d03b.jpg
 photo 1414JenniferJohnSM_0494_zps628c6042.jpg

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Alexa said...

Sarah you did an amazing job Jen and Scott love u both!you guy look so beautiful and handsome!