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Friday, February 28, 2014

Janet and Eric Featured in the Limelight | A La Carte Event Pavilion | Tampa, FL | Tampa Wedding Photography

It was Valentines Day. A day filled with loved. For Janet and Eric, it was not only just Valentines Day but the day they were to get married and combine two families. I arrived as Janet was getting her hair and make-up done.  Even during that time, she was more focused on her family than herself. Checking to see if everyone had what they needed, and everyone was ok! Infact, everyone was like that there. At one point of the ladies getting ready I heard someone offer me a chair if I needed to sit down. That's ok, I am working, but how nice! :)
Eric and Janet were married with their closest friends and family there to witness as the two families were joined together. It was a great pleasure working with the two wonderful people and there was no doubt the day was filled with love! Congratulations to the newlyweds!
Hair and Makeup ~ DESTINY AND LIGHT
Wedding Dress ~ DAVID'S BRIDAL
Bridesmaids Dress ~ DAVID'S BRIDAL

 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJOcollage.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0027.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0037.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0078.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0062.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0096.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0106.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0120.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0171.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0163.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0006.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0214.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0215.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0277.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0387.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0352.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0538.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0505.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0500.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0444.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0452.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0450.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0763.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0770.jpg
 photo 21414JanetEricZimmermanJO0689.jpg

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