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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rebecca and Tracy Featured in the Limelight | Pasadena Yacht and Country Club | Gulfport, FL Wedding Photography

Rebecca and Tracy are an active, outgoing couple who share many interests - not the least of which were their bowling leagues where they met! So when Tray proposed on New Year's Eve during the ball drop, Rebecca made the first decision of the new year that she would spend the rest of her life with him. Their love of boating, golfing, and fishing was incorporated into their wedding with a ceremony outside on the golf course right by the water at the Pasadena Yacht Club on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Vintage detail touches throughout the day set a traditional tone for these two, while remembrances of loved ones and a special anniversary dance for the bride's parents added an especially sweet touch for the whole family. Congratulations, Rebecca and Tracy!

Event Planner ~ Johnnie Miller
Hair Stylist ~ Bombshell Hair by Brooke
Make-Up Artist ~ Marissa
Wedding Gown ~ David's Bridal
 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0000collage.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0007.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0001.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0011.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0758.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0216.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0024.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0041.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0028.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0044.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0085.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0132.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0211.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0215.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0078.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0090.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0093.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0112.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0177.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0342.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0337.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0525.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0527.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0539.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0552.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0559.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0540.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0697.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0732.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0884.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0894.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0898.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0887.jpg

 photo 21514RebeccaTracyHK0891.jpg

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