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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Queency and Scott Featured Into The Limelight | Casa Monica Hotel | St. Augustine, FL Wedding Photography

When I first spoke with Queency and Scott I was welcomed with kind words and excitement as they were on the road to St. Augustine, the place they were to be married. They knew they loved each other, they loved each other's laughter and comfort, Scott always leaning in to Queency with love and adoration, Queency showing true strength and love back. They loved the number 8. This number not just a sign of infinity but by happenstance the first of many things, first dates, engagements, and now marriage. They realized this, found it beautiful and wanted to incorporate it to their wedding. Beautiful it is! The evening was gorgeous, the weather (although a bit cooler for Florida, ahem, for those who live here) was JUST right, and it was filled with infinite love. It was a joy working with them, congratulations to these newlyweds!
Ceremony ~ Cathedral Basilica
Wedding Gown ~ Nordstrom
Bridesmaids Dress ~ JCrew
Event Planner ~ Karen Erwin
DJ/Video ~ Lethalrhythms
Florist ~ Rachel Rollins
 photo 38.jpg
 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0011.jpg

 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0014.jpg

 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0048.jpg

 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0075.jpg
 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0095.jpg

 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0110.jpg
 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0111.jpg
 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0125.jpg
 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0148.jpg
 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0154.jpg
 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0155.jpg

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 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0246.jpg

 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0258.jpg

 photo 3814QueencyScottMonroeJO0292.jpg

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